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USB-C Power Cable with Wire End

USB-C Power Cable with Wire End

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This USB-C cable plugs into the Raspberry Pi 4 and 5 to power it.  The other end is simply two wires that are easy to connect to a 5V 3A power supply.  This cable only has the +5V wire (red) and Ground (black).   Simply cut the wire to length, strip off enough insulation and crimp on the appropriate connector for your power supply (connectors and power supply not included).

  • Length: 3ft (1 meter)
  • Gauge: 26AWG Stranded Copper
  • Current: 2.2A continuous, 3A peak
  • Color: White

The Pi 4 requires 2.5A peak, and the Pi5 requires 3A peak current, so please ensure your power supply is rated correctly for the board.



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