STL Files for CNC Router


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This knob can be attached to a Nema23 stepper motor shaft using a M3 screw. It is large and has groves on the edge to make turning the motor easy. It does not have a protruding knob that can get caught on cables or clothing while the machine is running. A small hole allows a screwdriver to be used to spin it rapidly. Nema23 Stepper Knob
Extended Breakout Stand for NVME below the Pi This Pi Breakout Stand has the breakout board posts extended up 8.6mm to allow the Pi5 to use the bottom mount NVME base board.  It is recommended to use 7mm standoffs (available at Byte2Bot) to attach the NVME board to the stand.  Then the standard Pi hat standoffs can be used to secure the Pi to the 7mm standoffs. Extended Breakout Board Stand for NVME Board