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CNCFeeder Raspberry Pi Application

CNCFeeder Raspberry Pi Application

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This application can be used on a standard Raspberry Pi with the CNC Serial hat to drip feed or transfer GCode files to a CNC machine.  This can eliminate the need for dragging a laptop or cart around the shop for loading machines.

For added convenience, the buttons on the left side can be used to execute specific NC files that can change a tool, start the spindle, move the table forward, etc.  

Transferring a file to the CNC Machine can also be done in single step mode to allow careful execution when trying a new file.  

Detailed logging and status information can help troubleshoot any situation.

Setting up a Raspberry Pi for serial communication is not super easy, but this blog post can guide you through all of the details needed to install the software and get the Pi connected to the network for wireless file transfers:


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