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RS232 Serial DB25 Raspberry Pi Hat for CNC

RS232 Serial DB25 Raspberry Pi Hat for CNC

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This Raspberry Pi Hat allows you to connect a 25 pin serial cable.  It is designed to connect with industrial CNC machines that sometimes require custom cables.  This hat has jumpers that allow for the most common pin jumpers.  

It can be used with any application that needs a DB25 serial port.  Each serial pin is accessible for troubleshooting, logic analyzers, and custom jumpers for any DIY project.

LEDs allow you to see the status of the RX, TX, CTS, and RTS signals.  A pin header allows for an optional set of Start/Pause and Stop buttons that can be placed closer to the work area.

It comes with a 1.5meter DB25 M/F cable, and standoffs to connect to the Raspberry Pi.

CNCFeeder application was designed to be used with this board.  A C++ class and command line example application is available at:

This hat makes use of the ttyAMA0 serial port.  Please see our blog for setting up this serial port on the Pi to initialize it correctly and make sure it isn't used by another service. 

This hat comes with the standoffs and cable.



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