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QFN-36 4mm x 4mm Breakout Board

QFN-36 4mm x 4mm Breakout Board

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This breakout board was designed for the Lumissil IS31FL3235A 28 channel LED driver chip.  It features a 0.6 inch row spacing and 0.1in (2.54mm) pin pitch for the DIP headers.  This 4mm x 4mm package is quite small. The center pad is difficult to solder, so a large hole allows access from the back.   

This breakout board is intended to be used with hot air to solder the pins, then the pad can be soldered from the back using an iron. 

Since this could be used for other chips, the thermal pad is not connected to any specific header pins.  Instead, there is a large via that should be wired to whatever pin the pad is internally connected to.

If there is a specific breakout board that you need but it doesn't exist, please contact us.  In most cases it can be delivered in about 2 weeks.

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